photo: © Frank Tielemans

Cabinet of Chests

As one of the oldest pieces of furniture a chest has always been a fascinating object. The trivial principle of a contained volume is nonetheless intriguing for the mistery of what is kept inside. With carefully selected materials the robust exterior, that is initially there to protect our goods inside, transforms into a character of it’s own. The fine crafted walnut chests are equipped with wooden hinges and clamps that make the opening and closing of the chest into a ritual that addresses our relation and affection with the moveable language of mechanics.

The Cabinet of Chests transforms 5 chests into a cabinet that takes us one step further in the evolution of furniture. The towered chests become one and show a beautifull repetitive character that can be broken by opening up to, for instance, a writing desk.

design: Wouter Scheublin, 2008

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